Bio: Norfolk based artist Marianne Nightingale is a self taught animal and fine artist. Specialising in depicting wildlife and passionate about conservation not only of the wildlife itself, but the habitat in which it lives, Marianne is very involved in working with various conservation organisations. Her ‘Jumbo’ commitment to being the sole financial ‘Foster Mother’ to a tiny orphan elephant in Sri Lanka, means she is always greeted as ‘Elephant Mummy’ on her yearly visits to track her baby – Florence (Nightingale) – what else could it be!
Artist: Marianne Nightingale
Bio: Fort Myers, Florida artist David Meo is a painter, sculptor, set designer, and arts educator. He grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, graduating from the Ben Davis High School in 1962 with a sixth grade scholarship to the John Herron Art Institute. David studied privately with landscape painter Gracie Senter and her photographer husband, Frank and also studied painting and life-drawing with noted artist Elmer Taflinger in adult night classes accredited by the John Herron Art Institute. In his senior year of high school, he won a National Merit Scholarship for his Best of Show portfolio. David has produced commissioned paintings, murals, sculptures, and sets for schools, churches, museums, private and corporate clients throughout Florida and other states. He has also designed sets for feature films, national commercials, local television stations, and professional theatre companies.
Artist: David J Meo
Artist: Paul Apps
Bio: Kent Artist Paul Apps turned professional in 1987. He is a passionate wildlife and fine artist. His work captures the unique character of the subject and interaction with its natural environment. While he creates images of wildlife from all over the world, he frequently returns to expanse of the African landscape and fauna to inspire his grand canvases. Since his first visit to the continent in 1989, Paul has travelled there annually to collect reference and to experience the thrilling game and panoramas. Sotherby's, Christies and Bonhams have all seen his images sell for record prices and his originals are keenly sought after by collectors from around the globe. Supporting wildlife conservation has always been of paramount importance to Paul and sales of his work have raised thousands of pounds for various related charities.
Artist: Stewart Beckett
Bio: A Southampton based artist, with a passion for portraiture. Stewart is inspired by all kinds of subject matter and works mainly in Oils and Watercolour. He has a keen eye for drawing. Classed as a realistic impressionist Stewart has the natural ability to incorporate a narrative within all his paintings. Educated first at Portsmouth Art College, and followed by Solent University Southampton, Stewart has attained the technical skills which enable him to compose and produce these wonderful paintings. He has exhibited at: 2013 - Pinto Rapido Art Exhibition, Chelsea, London. 2012 - Untitled Art Fair, Chelsea, London. 2012 to date - Popup Art Gallery, Fareham Hampshire. 2011 - Art House Summer Exhibition - Southampton. And his artwork is held in private collections throughout the UK.
Artist: Amanda Bounds
Bio: As a Director of Whitepeaks Fine Art Ltd, Amanda seldom has time to paint. However, on the rare occasion when time allows she prefers nothing else than to immerse herself in her art. Abstract and expressionism are her favoured genres.
Artist: Simon Boyd
Bio: Simon was born and raised in London. He studied Fine Art for four years at Middlesex University. He is currently based in South America. Education BA Honours Fine Art, Middlesex University, 1998-2001. BTEC Art and Design, Middlesex University, 1997-1998. Recent group and solo exhibitions include: EGGO Art Fair – Córdoba, Argentina 2013, Galeria Colorida – Lisbon 2012, American Airlines, La Guardia, New York 2011, Red Dot Art Fair (New York 2011, Miami 2010), The Jousters Banquet, British Arts Centre - Buenos Aires 2009. Prizes: 2nd prize Landscapes of La Pampa, La Pampa Bank, Argentina 2013, Shortlisted for the John Moores Art Prize, Liverpool 2012, Painters Stainer’s Art Prize, London 1996.
Artist: Susan Chater
Bio: Painting has been a passion for much of my life but I made a serious commitment to watercolour in 1982. While I have had formal training in the field of art, much of my technique can be attributed to years of experience and a few talented mentors. My paintings can best be described as detailed impressions, with strong use of colour and design. Over the last eighteen years I have held nearly 30 shows and my paintings have been displayed and sold in numerous galleries and exhibits across Ontario and the UK. In 1997 I was proud to be elected to the Canadian Society of Painters In Watercolour (CSPWC), and I am a silver signature member of the Toronto Watercolour Society (TWS). I derive great pleasure from sharing the joy of this wonderful medium through teaching regular classes , jurying shows and teaching workshops.
Bio: Related to Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the first keepers of the Portland Bill lighthouse, Paul grew up in London in the 1960s. He is a self-taught artist whose work concentrates on the life he knew as a child, as well as the diverse aspects of the London of yesteryear and today. He has a particular fondness for industrial subject matter. Paul has been exhibiting since 2006. His first solo exhibitions were in Cumbria, with the first major exhibition being at The Margate Gallery in 2013. His work can be found in several galleries around the Lake District, as well as in Kent. For the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of Doctor Who, he was asked to contribute work to the National Media Museum in Bradford. Paul is a featured writer for several historical/military simulation websites, as well as designing and developing war games for a number of American companies.
Artist: Paul Comben
Bio: Born Hualien Province, Taiwan, 1982. SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2013 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne. 2013 “Eden” at Breathing Colours Gallery, Balmain, Sydney. 2012 Artsbar, Paddington, “Giraffes” . 2011 Artsbar, Paddington, “Giraffes” paintings and poetry. 2011 The Arthouse Hotel, Sydney “Lovers and other Wild Beasts” paintings and poetry. 2010 Ampersand, Paddington, “Out of the Ark”. GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2014 carrousell du Louvre (exhibition of contemporary artists), The Louvre, Paris. 2014 Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, “Slick City Chicks”. 2013 “Kaleidoscope of the Mind” Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York . 2013 Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, “Known and Unknown”
2013 Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst,  "Women on Boards" . 2013 Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, "Freedom Art Prize"
Artist: Zoë Durand
Bio: A self-taught artist, he works in a variety of media, including graphite pencil, acrylics and pastel to complete his originals. He has produced several commissions for the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), of which he has been a member for over thirty years. He is a keen naturalist and has travelled in both this country and abroad in search of wildlife. His artwork has also travelled widely, with examples of his art in collections in the UK, Europe, Kenya, Canada, USA and Nepal. Andrew is a signature member of The Artists for Conservation Foundation and also a member of The Wildlife Art Society International. His work has been displayed at many British venues including Nature in Art at Gloucester (where he participates in their ‘Artist in Residence’ programme and runs drawing workshops).
Artist: Andrew Forkner
Bio: Joe's landscape and marine paintings have sold to private, corporate and government collections around the world. His painting travels include the British Isles, Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. Born in London, he is a globally published author with books translated into most European languages and others including Russian and Chinese. He is known in the UK for his solo exhibitions. He has a following of professional artists and illustrators and has appeared regularly on Sky television. Joe has painted and sketched in situ from the age of seven. He is internationally recognized for his rendition of water, his rugged mountain paintings, and his powerful light.
Artist: Joe Francis Dowden
Bio: "I aspire to create paintings that summon emotion in the viewer and to convey the atmosphere of the seasons in the countryside. The beauty and ever changing dramatic moods of the Peak District and Cornish coast are a constant inspiration. I draw upon the impressionist painters with their sense of immediacy, directness, spontaneity and liberation of colour. I’m interested in how the eyes see light - the juxtaposition, separation and overlaying of colours on the canvas can reproduce the luminous vibrations of rays which make up light and intensify a viewer's emotional response." Mike Green.
Artist: Mike Green
Bio: "My quest for capturing the right effect of light in my painting is the most important aspect of my work, whether it be the colour filled shadows in a sun filled Mediterranean Garden, or the more specific demands of a beautiful portrait – illumination is paramount. In landscape; to be able to capture the moods of our world, the lights, the shadows, the mists and the reflections; only brings to mind the importance of my attempt to share the love of my natural world - continuously threatened by so many outside factors. Both landscape and portraiture have been the point of my artistic life and a great pleasure and privelege in equal measures." Heather Gail Harman.
Artist: Heather Gail Harman
Bio: AWARDS: Finalist creative of the year 2013, see.me gallery, artists wanted. Creative award shortlist top 50 artists, see.me gallery, long island new york 2013. Lighthouse gallery student award for art photography 2010 for self-portraits NAICE, Adult learner award, regional winner west midlands 2010. EXHIBITION SOLO: Fhotofillia gallery Birmingham, October 2011 images from broken souls
Artist: Nigal Goodship
Artist: Maggie Hatchard
Bio: Andrew was born in Guisborough, North Yorkshire in 1961. He has exhibited his work among the worlds top wildlife artists and stages a one-man show every year in his hometown. Commercially he has completed commissions for many top companies including Yorkshire Tea, Bacardi, Penguin Books, Harper Collins, Land Rover, Barclays Bank and the New York Botanical Gardens and publishes his own limited edition prints.
Artist: Andrew Hutchinson
Bio: "I was born in 1965. A self taught artist who has been painting for 22 years. My first success was as a winner in the national gallery of Ireland poster competition in 1982. I then feature on a national tv painting competition in the 90's as a provincial winner. I've had two solo exhibitions both in Co Galway and sell a lot to the US, UK and worldwide market place. My work is based mostly on the landscapes I love in the west of Ireland but I also paint animals and portraits." Cathal O Malley.
Artist: Cathal O Malley
Bio: Gina Marsh is a professional impressionist pursuing her passion for creative art. She specialises in the erotic and the dramatic. Following numerous exhibitions within galleries and art fairs across the UK, her work is now heavily sought after and hangs in private collections across the globe. She regularly undertakes commissions for clients from both private and commercial sectors and through her work, Gina aims to evoke a sensual and emotional response that resonates deep within the soul of the observer. By using mediums such as oils and acrylics she aims to capture the very sensual essence of the subject within her paintings and create a truly unique and individual piece of art.
Artist: Gina Marsh
Artist: Jenny Mather
Bio: Cathy McClelland was born in Dalby, Australia and grew up with a menagerie of farm animals in the Bell district. Cathy is the fifth generation to be living on her family property and holds her rural heritage close to her heart. Cathy has exhibited at local art groups including Bell and Dalby and is self-taught, learning by studying nature from working on the land and painting plein air. Cathy has appeared in Artist’s Palette Magazine, Australia and has been twice selected into the ‘International Contemporary Artists’, art books, volume V and IV, US. Cathy worked for many years doing commissions, and then a series of landscapes influenced by the Bunya Mountains area. She then began to paint Australian native flora and fauna, becoming particularly interested in close up studies of birds, animals, and plants unique to her area of Australia.
Artist: Cathy McClelland
Artist: Rebecca Mercer
Bio: Caia Matheson is an award-winning contemporary oil painter based in Brighton, UK. She was born in Johannesburg and educated in Tokyo and London. Caia is inspired by wabi sabi, or the beauty of imperfection. She loves to mix paint mediums and experiment with the effects. This can be the most exciting part of the creative process. Her mediums are oils – tubes of oil paint, oil bars, oil pastels and mixtures of oil paints and dyes. She enjoys the texture consistency and smell of them. Caia paints with her hands and washing-up sponges onto canvases laid flat on the floor. It is a physical process.
Artist: Caia Matheson
Artist: Iain Baldwin
Bio: Originally from Yorkshire, Iain now lives and works from his studio in Northern Ireland. His artwork spans many different styles, however, he has become well known for his unique and delicate feather artwork of wild birds. The softer lines which his airbrush produces then blends with the finest of brush work to create life like images on the delicate surface of the feather. The long history associated with this ancient and tribal form of art fascinates Iain. Through many years of researching and perfecting this art form, along with his interest in airbrush technique, Iain has managed to channel his passion and talents into producing these most amazing and unique images. Mainly producing and selling commissioned art pieces for high end businesses, he has also exhibited at celebrity charity events helping sporting heroes such as Rory McIlroy raise money for worthy causes.
Bio: Mike is a founder member of The Liverpool School Art Movement. His work encompasses three distinct forms - hard-edge, geometric urban paintings and 3D reliefs as well as two-colour studies of Liverpool scenes and woodcut prints, also mostly of Liverpool scenes. The art explores the relationship between space, geometry and colour in the attempt to capture on canvas the physical and non-physical phenomena associated with?the modern industrial city, its architecture, dynamism, and complexity.
Artist: Mike Rickett
Bio: Kirstin White was born in 1962 in Andover, Hampshire, UK and trained at Salisbury College of Art, between 1979 and 1982. Her preferred form of expression is visual, her preferred medium of expression is in watercolour and her preferred mode of expression is ‘En plein air’. Kirstin’s aim is to capture the prevailing mood, atmosphere and ambience of a particular day or occasion by recording an impression of the activity, weather, season and setting, with the intention of transferring something of its essence to the page. Kirstin works rapidly to infuse energy and immediacy to the finished image. She likes to include figures in her work. Kirstin’s style is colourful and contemporary combining sound draftsmanship with keen contemplation and using water based media on a paper support.
Artist: Kirstin White
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Artist: Paul Ambler
Bio: I was born in North London in 1957 and moved to Stevenage in the early 60s. I have always been creative and I am proud of being self taught. I am influenced and inspired by many people, whether it be an artist, architect, photographer or a musician. Although producing art has been part of my life, I only starting painting seriously since the sudden loss of my Mother in June 2010. Her presence encouraged me to pursue a life long dream of painting and creating art.
Artist: Nigel Bird
Bio: Much of my work originates from Landscape and the natural environment, my recent work being as much to do with the process of making as it is about I see, hear, smell, taste, feel or touch. The content of my work is in the form......
Bio: His work frequently places the human figures and nature in an abstract environment supported by a vivid use of colours where subtle gradation and dramatic contrast express nuance of emotion and sensuous physicality. The work also expresses the direct sensation of lived experience through organic shapes and forms woven from flowing lines and the gaze of the viewer. You are invited to participate in a creative encounter with theses elements constructing your own visual languages and meanings.
Artist: Francesco Ruspoli